What Master’s Degrees Can BGS Graduates Get?

In contrast with other bachelor’s degrees, which are focused on a specific field of knowledge, Bachelor’s in General Studies allows a broader approach to drawing up an individual academic program for each student depending on his/her goals and interests. BGS combines general requirements of a university with a student’s curriculum that can be really unique and very flexible. This flexibility is the main advantage of BGS appreciated by those students who have a wide circle of interests and/or who are not quite sure which disciplines will come useful for them in the future.

BGS can be regarded as a really interdisciplinary degree enabling students to obtain knowledge in both liberal arts and sciences while developing strong decision-making skills, critical thinking, creative ideas and many other abilities favored by employers. At the same time, BSG is in no way inferior to other degrees having the same value both for the future career building and further education including graduate programs.

Applying for BGS, you choose the possibility to take an active part in creating your academic program. There are many colleges and universities offering Bachelor in General Studies programs with a wide choice of concentrations. This allows a student to take courses in sociology, art, introductory biology, English or math simultaneously – the set of disciplines can be extremely varied and customized. Every university offers its own options of core courses, electives and capstones, so, the choice is almost limitless.

BGS programs are a great option to a traditional major/minor for those students who are going to build a career in a field that doesn’t require a specific degree like in insurance, real estate, customer service, advertising or sales. Besides, BGS programs are especially good for the students who have prior college experience but for some reason couldn’t complete a degree program (including working adults). BGS is the most flexible way to transfer credits earned previously, so, if you completed some course works and would like to apply them to a degree program, BGS program is the best choice for you.

Master’s degrees available after competing BGS program

As it was mentioned above, Bachelor’s degree in General Studies opens the way for building a career in various fields like media and entertainment, management and marketing, advertising, sales, and promotions, as well as law enforcement and many others. But sometimes making a career in these fields requires additional degrees including master’s level.

If you choose to obtain a master’s degree, BGS gives you the opportunity to enter both a brick-and-mortar university and to apply for online graduate programs available in various schools. Many working adults prefer the second option since it offers them more flexible schedule and more time for executing their duties while learning. Besides, online master’s programs allow money saving due to reducing on-campus expenses.

The BGS degree provides the proper foundation for taking courses at any accredited college or university offering online master’s program. Some BGS graduates go even further earning doctorates. Statistics shows that over 40% of the people who obtained BGS degree go on for advanced degrees and more than 80% of them complete the chosen programs.

So, with the BGS degree you will be able to pursue graduate degrees in different fields among which are social work, international affairs, anthropology, public health, education, fine arts, law, library science, management, nursing and business. The choice is limited only by the features of a particular university as some of them offer a variety of online master’s programs while others have only a few of them. Obviously, each university and program has its specific requirements both academic and technical. You need to learn them carefully before choosing an online master’s program to make sure your BGS degree allows you to benefit from it.