Tonbridge School


Tonbridge School

  • Founded in 1553
  • Location Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom
  • Age 11-18 years
  • GCSE / IGCSE Program, A-Level
  • English language
  • Type of training boarding school for boys
  • Accommodation Hostel (one, two, three or six-bed rooms)
  • High quality academic preparation; excellent conditions for sports activities; convenient location near London;
  • Tuition fee per year Pension – £ 37,539

Tonbridge School was founded in 1553 by Sir Andrew Judd. One of the best known and most prestigious British schools for boys, received special recognition in the XIX century.

Pinnacle Victorian in the heart of Tonbridge – this is the Tonbridge School, one of the top boarding schools for boys in the country. There once studied Jane Austen’s father. The school complex includes both the architectural masterpieces of Victorian and modern buildings (renovation program completed in 2001). The school  has local orchestra, and on school treadmills trains famous runner, lady Kelli Holmes. Boys are not distracted by it – they are used to seeing the stars at home.


70% of students in single living rooms, rooms 30% 6 or more people – depending on their age. Accommodation – 60 homes. Students can prepare their own meals if desired, they also earning extra money with service write my essay cheap.

There are free laundry facilities. Living in a residence gives students the opportunity to constantly communicate with each other and make new friends. Each residence has a tutor who monitors security and provides students with the necessary support. The teachers also live in the residence. For every 10 students 1 center employee accounts.


More than half of the students play musical instruments. At school, 12 musical groups (orchestra, brass band, chamber orchestra, jazz orchestra, instrumental ensembles, rock band).

Sport: a wide variety of sports: cricket, rugby, hockey, track and field, cross country, football, rock climbing, scuba diving, horseback riding, judo, basketball, golf, shooting, squash, fencing, sailing, swimming, tennis. Possible exam for certification for scuba diving and sailing. Victory in the inter-school competitions at various levels.

You and your sons are always happy to Tonbridge School. You can visit the school and meet with the director at any time convenient for you.

Tonbridge School is located 40 minutes from London to the small town of Tonbridge. Near the city is the international station Ashford (Ashford), offering easy access to cities such as London, Canterbury, Paris and Brussels. Tonbridge town itself has great links to London, where you can get on the ride. Cities such as Canterbury and South Coast (South Coast) an hour from Tonbridge.

About the Author: Karla Trot is a student. She is from London.

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