How to Get a Master’s Degree Online?

Master degree is an academic degree following bachelor’s level in the modern two-level system of higher education. Usually holders of master’s degree have significant advantages over bachelors and associates both in the labor market and on corporate ladder. What is the most convenient and affordable way of obtaining a master’s degree today? Obviously, online education is the best choice for many people especially for those who’d like to work their way through school.

Why earn a master’s degree?

If you have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree, then you completed the first level of higher education, and finally you are eligible to work in a position corresponding to the obtained profession. But you can go into further academic study and get the second level of higher education pursuing a master’s degree which would give you much more opportunities to advance. You need a master’s degree in case:

–          you are focused on the rapid professional advancement;

–          you want to build a brilliant career in a large company;

–          you are interested in scientific and research activities;

–          you’d like to teach in higher educational institutions.

Note that master’s degree is highly valued in universities around the world and without it you won’t be able to work in a number of major international organizations.

Types of online graduate programs

Master’s programs vary a lot depending on the university and this fact enables you to find a program that suits you the best in terms of quality, intensity and content. Even more options are provided by the fact that you can choose from universities around the world. Here are some examples of online master’s programs:

–          arts and humanities programs;

–          management and business administration programs;

–          engineering technology courses;

–          law and regulations programs;

–          natural sciences programs;

–          biology, health and life science courses.

Each university offers graduate programs which differ from each other in set of subjects within the program. However, most higher educational institutions provide courses ensuring sufficient knowledge and experience that differ significantly in the quality and intensity compared to undergraduate programs.

Note that master’s degree can be obtained in a field which is different from your undergraduate program. So, if you got a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can earn a Master of Pedagogy or almost any other master’s degree you like. The main thing is to complete application requirements including transferring credits from your previous courses.

How to enter a Master’s program?

The first thing you need for applying is to have a bachelor’s degree. If you complete vocational secondary education, this doesn’t give you the right to be enrolled into a maser’s program – first you should get an undergraduate degree. But the good news is that it doesn’t matter whether you got your bachelor’s degree on campus or online. So, remote bachelor’s programs can be your first step to a master’s degree.

After choosing the program you are interested in, you should contact the University for getting complete information about the requirements as they can vary. In addition to transferring eligible credits into your program, it may be necessary to complete additional application requirements. Basic requirements usually include admission application, acknowledgement agreement, official transcripts from previous institutions, GPA as well as additional forms and documents disclosing your licensure information, background and work experience, letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, extended goal statement, etc.

How to get a master’s degree online

In terms of pedagogical process there is almost no difference between online bachelor’s and master’s programs except that the latter involve deeper study of disciplines, higher requirements and shorter terms of learning the materials.

Once you are enrolled in the chosen program, you start to study the field-specific materials according to plan, at the same time working on a master’s thesis. This is an analogue of bachelor’s thesis, but of a higher level. After successful defending the thesis at a viva voce, you get your master’s degree. The process takes from 1 to several years depending on the chosen program as well as on your efforts and time spent on studying the material and writing a thesis.

You can significantly accelerate and facilitate the process of obtaining your master’s degree by hiring professionals in academic writing who will help you to cope with master’s thesis successfully. They are able to write a thesis on any topic in accordance with all academic requirements as they have relevant experience and qualifications. Many working students just can’t set aside enough time for proper working out a topic, so, they really need help of professionals in this field.